21/22 First/Second-Round Pairings: Part 2

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Damian Lillard (Pick 4-8)

Punt FG%:

Damian Lillard/Nikola Vucevic

Above average in Threes, Rebounds, FT%, Turnovers

Average in Points

Below average in Assists, Steals, Blocks

  • There are higher-upside pairings than this, but few of those pairings come with a higher floor. Lillard is one of the safest first-round picks, and while Vucevic will lose some value this year, the team that he is on makes him fairly safe. There will be no rest days for the star big man now that he’s on a borderline playoff team. Steals are your main issue here. Vucevic’s steal rate is fine for a big, but Lillard’s is poor for a guard. You will also go into round three in very poor shape in blocks. That’s a bit of a problem because this duo is only average in points and most of the shot blockers who allow you to make up serious ground in swats are not higher scorers. This tricky situation makes Kristaps Porzingis and Jaren Jackson Jr. very strong targets in the middle rounds.

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