21/22 Fast Starts Part 1: First Five Picks For Each First-round Pick & Build

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To make sure that your draft gets off to a great start, I’ve put together combinations that will allow you to come out of the fifth round in very good shape. These combinations are not just me playing around with the Team Building Tool and trying to come away with as many green categories as possible. I also took into consideration each build’s problematic categories and the availability of each category during the second half of the draft. These combinations are not meant to be best-case scenarios for each first-round player and build. They are meant to show you what a strong start in each strategy looks like. After you’re done reading this guide, head on over to the Team Building Tool, and see if you can come up with even better starts.

Below are 55 five-man combinations that will help you win your league. Part 2 will focus on combinations that are built around players that will be drafted at the end of the first round in most drafts.


Nikola Jokic (Pick 1-2)

Punt Threes

Jokic/Butler/Ball/Collins/DeRozan – A great start in assists and FT%, which are two categories that dry up quickly. This group is also elite in steals and turnovers and strong in FG% and on the boards. Points are slightly low. Blocks are weak, but that’s not a major issue as swats are the easiest category to find during the second half of the draft.


James Harden (Pick 3-6)

Punt FG%

Harden/Butler/Mitchell/Porzingis/Jackson Jr. – This is the start for those who want to throw caution to the wind and go all-in on upside. If you do decide to roll with this group, make sure that your next few picks are safe. This group is below average in boards and above average everywhere else. It is dominant in points, blocks, and FT% and puts you in a nice spot in turnovers as well.

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