21/22 Eight-Category Top 150

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These rankings are meant to show how valuable I think a player will be and are not intended to be used as a cheat sheet that you blindly follow during your draft. If you use these rankings in that way, you will likely end up taking some players earlier than you needed to. This list is best used as a tool that helps you identify players that you will want to target and players that you will want to avoid. It is only one piece of the puzzle. You cannot build a strong team by just looking at rankings. You will need a strong team-building strategy as well. You have to consider fit and not just a player’s ranking or z-score. As in real basketball, not all players fit well together and a less than optimal fit can lead to your team underachieving. Keep fit in mind when reading through these rankings and use my punting guides to nail down your draft strategy.

These rankings will differ from my projections for a variety of reasons. The projections are meant to be my best estimate of how players will perform this season. They do not take into consideration risk, upside, and a player’s fit for each punting strategy like these rankings do. I put a heavy emphasis on upside when devising the final third of this list. The late rounds are not about playing it safe. If you draft what turns out to be the 128th-ranked player with the 132nd pick, you have failed. You need to be swinging for the fences late. Selecting a mid-round player with a late-round pick can win you your league. There is no downside to making risky picks at the end of your draft. If you whiff, no big deal. Now you have an open roster spot that you can use on one of the many quality free agents that will pop up during the first month of the season.

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