2020-2021 Fast Starts Part 2: First Five Picks For Each (LATE!) First-round Pick & Build

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Below are some combinations that will allow you to come out of the fifth round in very good shape. That is not an easy feat if you are picking at the end of the first round this year. Due to having so many injury-prone players in that range, it is more difficult than usual to find a combination of players that is both relatively safe with high upside. These combinations are not just me playing around with the Team Building Tool and trying to come away with as many green categories as possible. I also took into consideration each build’s problematic categories and the availability of each category in the second half of the draft. These combinations are not meant to be best-case scenarios for each first-round player and build. They are meant to show you what a strong start in each build looks like. After you’re done reading this guide, head on over to the Team Building Tool, and see if you can come up with even better starts.

*All combinations and comments are for 12-team leagues but many of these combinations will be available and will work fine in 14-team leagues.
**I used the Yahoo rankings to come up with these groupings. You should be able to do better than these combinations if you play on ESPN or are in an auction league.

Kawhi Leonard (Pick 10-12)

Punt Threes

Leonard/Booker/Fox/Wood/Bryant – When punting threes, we have to hit points and FT% hard early. They are the two build’s problematic categories, and both dry up fast. It’s OK to put yourself behind the eight-ball in the big-man categories for the sake of both. This is the idea behind this start. FT% is very strong, and points are above average. FG% is exceptional, and despite your first three picks, you will be above average in turnovers. Rebounds and blocks are low, but in punt threes, it should be easy to come back later. Assists and steals are a little weak, so make sure you get a point guard in one of the next two rounds.


LeBron James (Pick 10-12)

Punt FT%

James/Westbrook/Drummond/Ingram/Porzingis – If you go with Westbrook in two, it’s going to be very hard to find enough threes if both Drummond and Capela are part of your first five. Swapping Capela for Porzingis allows you to go into the sixth in a very strong spot in points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks. This is an outstanding start, the only issue is Porzingis may not last to your pick in the fifth.

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2020-2021 Fast Starts Part 2: First Five Picks For Each First-round Pick & Build

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