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I’ve put together a preview of what to expect from EFB this year for those looking to get a better understanding of what they will be paying for. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it will give you an idea of the type of content that is behind the paywall. For a full list of all the content that has been put out so far, you can click here. Even if you have been a long-term reader of EFB, I would check out the free content. It is on a different level this year. I’ll be running the website on a full-time basis this season and will be dedicating thousands of hours to providing you with some of the best fantasy analysis on the internet. If you like what you see and want to sign-up for access to all of EFB’s content, click here:



Free Content


Punting Guides

2019-2020 Punt Steals (Yahoo) 

2019-2020 Punt Steals (ESPN)



2019-2020 Playoff Schedules for all playoff formats

2019-2020 Schedule Grid


Mock Draft Analysis

Industry Mock #3: 9-Cat Roto


Preseason Analysis

Players and Position Battles To Monitor In Preseason – Eastern Conference

Players and Position Battles To Monitor In Preseason – Western Conference

Fun With Numbers

What do college numbers tell us about rookie-year numbers?

FG% Tracking Dashboard

League-wide trends, what is typically available on the wire, and category consistency

When to trust and when to panic


Pairing Guides Preview

First Five Rounds Guide Preview

Projections Preview

Nine-Category Top-5:

Eight-Category Top-5:

Points Leagues Top-5:

Punt Steals Top-5:

Punt Points/FT% Top-5: 


Top-150 Preview

Team Building Tool

So how does this work and what is it useful for?

  • This tool is meant to make it easier for you to test different player combinations. Mock drafts are extremely time-consuming, and instead of spending over an hour seeing if an Anthony Davis/Devin Booker/Donovan Mitchell start works better than an Anthony Davis/Kemba Walker/Pascal Siakam start, you can use this tool to compare the two scenarios in seconds.
  • This tool should also be useful in real drafts. You can use it to test different combinations on the fly and to keep track of your squad’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • The tool is customizable for leagues size (8-to-16 team leagues), type of data (my projections vs. 18/19 numbers), and host (Yahoo or ESPN). It will also be customizable for averages vs. Z-Scores very soon.
  • The tool is very easy to use. Just click on a player’s name and the tool will populate with that player’s numbers.
  • You can see how your team is doing after every round compared to the averages of the players taken up to that point.

Player Comparison Tool

Trade Analysis Tool

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  • Steve

    Playing in a 12 team, 9 cat (trad. categories plus turnovers) H2H league that is transitioning from weekly to daily. How does this switch affect the value of the load management players as well as punting strategies?

    • Adam Stock

      That’s a good change. I strongly prefer daily. Doesn’t really affect the punting strategies. Obviously, it makes in-week adjustments easier, but I can’t think of why that would help one build over another. I’m punting in weekly leagues and I’m punting in daily leagues. Re: the load management guys, it’s a tiny hit to their value since their missed games always factor in, but not a major one.

  • stephen martin

    pumped for it all. Thank you for your work. Im ready to crush this year. If you had the second pick what is your strategy and which punt would you go with. Same question for pick 4. Competetive leagues, but pretty confident i could pull off most if not all punts, should i go into the draft with a specific punt in mind? any ideas would be appreciated.

    • Adam Stock

      At two, I’d pick whoever falls of AD or Steph. I’d probably punt assists with AD (punt threes works well too). With Steph, punt assists is excellent as well. It’s my favorite build so I lean that but punt FT% and blocks work very well with him too. For 4, I’d hope for Towns and punt AST. If he’s not there then obviously one of the above two dropped or Harden where you’d go punt FG%. I’ve got Giannis as my clear 5. I’d pass on him for whoever else drops.

  • WuMan

    Would you give more details about “Draft Tool”? What does it do? Does it have live draft tracker for Yahoo?

    • Adam Stock


      It’s not a live tracker like BBM’s draft tool. I looked into making something like that, but the price was a little aggressive. Definitely a goal for the site eventually. My tool will be more focused on making it easier to test different combinations of players (i.e. what does my team look like if I change my fourth- and fifth-round picks to X). It will show how your team compares to the league average after each round. It’s meant to be a replacement for mock drafts so that people don’t have to spend 40 minutes on a mock to figure out if their combination of players is a good one. It will also allow people to test situations that you may not be able to test during a mock. It will make it easier to prepare for situations where players drop. For example, a LeBron/Embiid start is going to be in play in some leagues, but in a mock, you probably won’t be able to test that out. This tool will allow you to. I used a beta version of it in an industry mock when I had PG fall to me in the second (first round was Lillard). It wasn’t a situation I was prepared for and it allowed me to test different mid-round guys to figure out a good path forward.

      It will be useful during live drafts too. It will allow you to test different players on the fly so that you know what your team will look like if you draft each player. I don’t think BBM’s draft tracker lets you do that. I think you have to pick the player first before seeing how he impacts your team.

      Users will also be able to adjust it for league size, host site, and whether they want to use my projections or prior year numbers.

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