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EFB’s Team Building Tool is now live!

If you have already subscribed, you can access it here:

Team Building Tool

So how does this work and what is it useful for?

  • This tool is meant to make it easier for you to test different player combinations. Mock drafts are extremely time-consuming, and instead of spending over an hour seeing if an Anthony Davis/Devin Booker/Donovan Mitchell start works better than an Anthony Davis/Kemba Walker/Pascal Siakam start, you can use this tool to compare the two scenarios in seconds.
  • This tool should also be useful in real drafts. You can use it to test different combinations on the fly and to keep track of your squad’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • The tool is customizable for leagues size (8-to-16 team leagues), type of data (my projections vs. 18/19 numbers), and host (Yahoo or ESPN). It will also be customizable for averages vs. Z-Scores very soon.
  • The tool is very easy to use. Just click on a player’s name and the tool will populate with that player’s numbers.
  • You can see how your team is doing after every round compared to the averages of the players taken up to that point.

For those have not yet subscribed, here are some screenshots so you know what to expect:

For access to 50+ punting guides, pairing guides, sets of rankings, projections, mocks and MUCH more, sign up here:


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  • Egan Friedlander

    Holy crap! I took a long time deciding which draft tools to use. I’m so glad I came to your site. Rotowire was like $100. Your site is way better.

  • R

    Ah! What I’ve been waiting for!

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