19/20 Punt Points & Punt Points/FT% (ESPN)

 In Draft Strategy, Punting
Punting points is for experts only. If you’re new to punting, keep on reading. It helps my ranking on Google. But don’t attempt this strategy on draft day. I’ve been playing fantasy basketball, punting, and spending an unhealthy amount of time thinking about fantasy basketball strategies for over a decade, and I still find this build extremely hard to pull off. No punting build changes your draft board more than punting points does and it is not particularly close. Last season, Larry Nance Jr. was a top-35 player without points, and Devin Booker wasn’t even a top-100 player. Marcus Smart snuck into the top-50 when punts were ignored, and D’Angelo Russell barely cracked the top-100. Punt points’ ability to turn the draft board upside down gives it, arguably, […]
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