21/22 Fast Starts Part 2: First Five Picks For Each First-round Pick & Build

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Below are 50 five-man combinations that will help you win your league. These combinations are built around the players who will be drafted during the second half of the first round in most leagues.

Damian Lillard (Pick 4-8)

Punt FG%

Lillard/Vucevic/Mitchell/Holiday/Nurkic – This is a start without any significant holes. Rebounds and blocks are a touch low, but that is normal in punt FG% and can be fixed with one big. This group is elite in threes, assists, and FT% and above average in turnovers.


Paul George (Pick 10-12)

Punt FG%

George/Davis/Ingram/Holiday/White – This squad is very weak in rebounds but is in great shape everywhere else. You may not be able to get back to average in boards by the end of the draft with this start, and that is OK. We don’t have to build the perfect team on draft day. Just one that has a very strong core. This group comes in as above average in every other category and is especially strong in the defensive categories, FT%, and turnovers.


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