20/21 Week 20 Schedule Analysis

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This week’s streaming guide will look a little different. Instead of focusing on players, it focuses on teams. I made this change for a couple of reasons. The first is that a massive chunk of the league’s players will be getting at least one game off this week. There will be situations this week where a player has three games in four nights and ends up playing only one of the games. The second reason is that I’ll be releasing an analysis either tomorrow or Monday that goes team-by-team and discuss whether or not we should expect a team to rest players, and if they do, who will benefit from those rests.

Schedule Analysis

  • If you are going to maximize your games played this week, you have to use your games early in the week. Not only because you are a lock to be overloaded on Sunday, but because most of the rest days for fantasy-relevant players are going to come during the second half of the week. Lock those games in while you can and then cross your fingers later in the week. When streaming, you will want to target players on teams with something to play for and you will want to avoid players on teams who have something to gain by losing. If you look at the standings, you’ll notice that there are a handful of teams with similar records at the bottom of each conference. If you are streaming players on those teams, you will be playing with fire.
  • In weekly leagues, members of the Thunder and Pistons are all easy sits, and in daily leagues, every player on those two teams is an easy drop. A three-game schedule during a week where 28 teams play four or five games enough is bad enough, but to have the third game come on the final day of the season when you are going to be overloaded and when half the league will be resting is absolutely brutal. Try to swap out your Pistons and Thunder for players that will play four games by Saturday.
  • There are no back-to-back sets starting on Friday. This strengthens the case for using your moves early in the week. I would not be afraid to use all of your moves by Wednesday. I know it’s tempting to hold moves until late in the week to see how the matchup shakes out, but I would prioritize adding extra games due to all of the late-week sits that are coming.
  • If you have players that prone to rest days, like Joel EmbiidPaul GeorgeKawhi Leonard, and Giannis Antetokounmpo, you should assume the worst when planning your week. Rest-prone players are all but certain to sit on Sunday and will likely sit out during back-to-back sets. With LeBron James banged up, and the Lakers having two back-to-back sets this week, I would play it safe and sit him in weekly leagues. The Lakers are very likely to be the seventh seed in the West and would be crazy to prioritize a long-shot run at avoiding the play-in over James’ health. 
  • Ease of schedule doesn’t mean as much as it usually does since a late-week dance with the Sixers or Jazz could end up being a great matchup, but going into the week, the Clippers, Hawks, and Mavericks have the easiest schedules of the teams with four games. All three teams have four favorable matchups. Of the teams with four games, the Pelicans and Rockets have the toughest schedules. But again, that doesn’t mean a ton. The Pelicans will likely get the Lakers’ bench on the final day of the season and there is no way that the Clippers, Lakers, and Hawks are going all out against the Rockets.

Streaming Guide

Teams that play on Monday & Tuesday

Milwaukee, Memphis, Indiana, Golden State

Teams that play on Tuesday & Wednesday 

Dallas, Boston, Lakers, Brooklyn

Teams that play on Wednesday & Thursday

Atlanta, San Antonio, Portland

Teams that play on Thursday & Friday

Clippers, Memphis, Denver, Philadelphia, Sacramento, Toronto, Orlando

Teams that play on Friday and Saturday


Teams that play on Saturday and Sunday

Lakers, Chicago, New York, Brooklyn, Miami, Boston, Milwaukee, Phoenix, Charlotte, Indiana, Minnesota, San Antonio

Teams with Three Games in Four Nights from Monday to Thursday

Atlanta, Milwaukee, Memphis, Indiana, San Antonio, Portland

Teams with Three Games in Four Nights from Tuesday to Friday

Clippers, Denver, Sacramento, Dallas, Philadelphia, Memphis, Orlando, Toronto

Teams with Three Games in Four Nights from Wednesday to Saturday

San Antonio

Teams with Three Games in Four Nights from Thursday to Sunday

Clippers, Philadelphia, Denver, Memphis, Chicago, New York, Phoenix, Milwaukee, Indiana, Miami, Toronto, Sacramento, Minnesota, Charlotte, Orlando, San Antonio


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