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The Punt Steals Strategy

Last year, I made EFB’s punt steals guide free, and about 20 seconds after hitting the post button, I regretted it. Not because I was giving out free content that I spent a good 30 hours making. I know not everyone is in the position to spend money on a subscription-based fantasy site, and I do want to make sure that the masses are getting a taste of the good work that we are doing here. I regretted it because I realized the punt steals strategy is too nice to be given away for free. This is a strategy that I have undersold over the years. I think I even passed on making this guide a few years back when EFB was in its infancy. Digging deep into this strategy last season has made me realize what a mistake that was. I have seen the light, and that light has shown me that punt steals is every bit as effective as most of its more popular peers.

Punt steals can hang with every nine-category punt build except punt assists. I find punt assists a little more effective because it allows us to avoid overpaying for point guards and guarantees dominance in the turnovers category. That’s not a knock on punt steals though. I’d take punt assists over punt FG%, punt FT%, and the rest too. I also love punt steals as a mid-draft pivot from punt assists. They are similar builds, so if a couple of point guards drop that you can’t resist, it’s easy to switch over to punt steals without running into trouble.

Punt steals does come with one big advantage that punt assists cannot claim. It allows us to ignore arguably the most unpredictable category in fantasy. Only FT% is in the same stratosphere as steals in terms of being difficult to predict.

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