Playoff Schedules for leagues with playoffs beginning on April 26th

Teams with 13 games:


Teams with 12 games:


Teams with 11 games:


Teams with 10 games:


Teams with five-game weeks:

DAL – Week 18 (Quarterfinals), OKC – Week 18 (Quarterfinals), TOR – Week 18 (Quarterfinals), DET – Week 19 (Semifinals), IND – Week 20 (Finals), MEM – Week 20 (Finals), MIL – Week 20 (Finals), SAS – Week 20 (Finals)


Overall Analysis

  • No one in a head-to-head league should be playing until the buzzer. If you play in a league that goes until the final day of the season, that’s OK, but make sure that you don’t make that mistake again next year. I won’t sugarcoat it. If your finals take place in the final week of the season, your championship will be decided by luck. Half of the association will be in suits during Week 20, and there will be some two-way players who swing leagues. 
  • If you play in a league that ends in Week 20, I strongly recommend trying to have as many players as possible on your roster from the borderline playoff teams. Tanking teams will be shutting down their studs and those comfortably in the playoffs will be wanting to give their big boys some nights off as well. The safest players will be on teams like the Hornets and the Bulls.
  • If you are not getting a bye, target players on the Mavericks, Thunder, and Raptors. With five games in the quarterfinals, any teams who went heavy on their players is going to be very tough to beat.
  • This is an extremely busy playoff setup. Twenty-five teams play at least four games in Week 18, 21 play at least four games in Week 19, and every team except the Thunder and Pistons play at least four games in the finals. With so many teams playing four games, players on three-game teams will have less value than usual.
  • The three busy weeks make it imperative that you double-check your playoff schedule before making any major moves. Don’t just look at the schedule grid and make assumptions. There are plenty of days over these three weeks where it will be possible for your team to be overloaded. If you just follow the schedule grid instead of digging deeper, you may waste a move or make a bad trade.


Week 18 Analysis

You can view Week 18’s full schedule here.

  • Find a way to get as many Raptors, Thunder, and Mavericks on your team. With five games on the schedule, even their borderline players are going to be extremely valuable. My condolences to those who have to face off against the studs on those three teams. 
  • Twenty-five teams play at least four games this week, so those unlucky enough to own a bunch of players from the three-game teams are going to be at a significant disadvantage. I wouldn’t be selling my three-game players low in trades, but I would be looking for ways to tweak my roster to make it more viable in Week 18.
  • The three five-game teams and the Mavericks start their week with a back-to-back set. If you have a move left over on Sunday of Week 17, target those four teams’ role players. 
  • Those four teams all play three games in four nights to start the week, and so do the Pelicans, Wolves, and Nuggets. 
  • The Mavericks, Bucks, Nets, Rockets, Thunder, and the Raptors all end the week with a three-games-in-four-nights stretch.
  • There are double-digit games being played on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday of Week 18, so you need to check to see if your team is overloaded on any of those days before making any moves that you think will upgrade your playoff schedule.


Week 19 Analysis

You can view Week 19’s full schedule here.

  • The Pistons’ five-game schedule makes all of their fantasy-relevant players strong targets in trade talks. There will be plenty of Pistons on finals teams this year. If you have Week 18 wrapped up early, use a move on their borderline players. A borderline top-100 player will be at least a mid-round asset in a five-game week unless they absolutely bomb. 
  • The Wolves, Celtics, and Rockets do not start their three-game weeks until Wednesday. The poor schedule makes all of their borderline players drops on Sunday of Week 18. You should replace those borderline options with players from the Warriors, Pistons, Pacers, Wizards, Grizzlies, and Hawks. Those six teams play three games in four nights from Monday to Thursday.
  • The Hawks have a strange but helpful schedule. You get three games out of your Hawks by Thursday, and since the team is done for the week after that, you can drop all of their borderline players for extra games on the weekend. It’s going to be easy your maximize your games played this week if you have some Hawks on your squad. The Bucks are done on Friday, and you will want to swap their borderline players for players on the Thunder and Pistons, as those are the only two teams who start a back-to-back set on Saturday. 
  • The Hornets, Mavericks, Bulls, Pistons, Thunder, and Lakers play three games in four nights starting on Thursday. 
  • The only day with double-digits games is Friday, but I would keep an eye out for overload on Wednesday as well since there are nine games on the schedule that night.


Week 20 Analysis

You can view Week 20’s full schedule here.

  • I have no idea how this week will go and neither do you. Some teams will take it seriously and some won’t. A lot of rests and shutdowns will be telegraphed, but there will be plenty of surprises as well. The best advice that I can give you is to play it as safe as possible when it comes to your streamers. Try not to use moves on players who are banged up or are on teams that are trying to lose. 
  • You will want to use all of your moves early in the week. It is not possible to stream late in Week 20. There are no games on Saturday and all 30 teams take the court on the final night of the season. Friday also has 14 games, so if you are looking to maximize your games played, you are probably going to have to use every move by Wednesday. 
  • Every team except the Thunder and Pistons play four games or more this week. However, not all four-game schedules will be of equal value. With 11 games on Tuesday, 14 games on Friday, and 15 games on Sunday, players that play on the quieter nights will have more value. The Hawks and Blazers avoid the two non-Sunday busy days, and while the Spurs do have a game on Friday, they have three games on the quieter nights. 
  • The Warriors, Pacers, Grizzlies, and Bucks play on both Monday and Tuesday. Give their role players a look if you are cruising in your semifinal matchup and can afford to use a move to boost your finals schedule.

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