Playoff Schedules for leagues with playoffs beginning on April 12th

Teams with 12 games:


Teams with 11 games:


Teams with 10 games:


Teams with five-game weeks:

DAL – Week 18 (Finals), OKC – Week 18 (Finals), TOR – Week 18 (Finals)

Teams with two-game weeks:

TOR – Week 17 (Semifinals)


Overall Analysis

  • The Raptors’ schedule is going to be tricky to navigate. Usually, when a team has a two-game schedule in the fantasy playoffs, all of their players will be droppable at some point during that two-game week since the schedule puts your team at a huge disadvantage. However, since Toronto plays five times in the championship round, I would try to gut it out and find another way to get extra games. If you drop your Raptors, you are likely going to have to square off against them in finals, and their five-game week is going to make almost all of their fantasy-relevant options early-round players in the week when rings are won and lost. Of course, if there is no way to get to the finals without dropping your Raptors, then do what you have to do. I’d rather be in the finals with a weak schedule than in the third-place game with a strong one.
  • There will be a lot of Thunder and Mavericks players on championship rosters this year. Both teams play five games in the finals. If you are rolling in your semifinal matchup, consider grabbing their role players a little early.
  • This is a somewhat rough setup for teams heavy on Clippers and Knicks. Both teams only have three games in both the semifinals and the finals. 
  • If you expect to have a bye, considering finding a way to add some Hawks, Nets, Celtics, Hornets, Bulls, Cavaliers, Mavericks, Nuggets, Rockets, Grizzlies, Heat, Bucks, Sixers, Suns, Blazers, Kings, and Wizards to your roster. Those teams play eight games during the final two weeks of the fantasy calendar. 


Week 16 Analysis

You can view Week 16’s full schedule here.

  • A whopping 22 teams play four games in Week 16, and we will need to be wary of overload. Wednesday and Friday look especially problematic with 12 games being played on Wednesday and 11 games being played on Friday. Because of this, it is important to take some time to check what days your players play on. Don’t just look at the schedule grid and make assumptions. If most of your players play on the two busy days, your team likely won’t have as strong of a schedule as the schedule grid suggests.
  • Cleveland, Detroit, and Milwaukee do not start their week until Wednesday. That makes all of their role players cut candidates on Sunday of Week 15. I would also not want to own any of the borderline Blazers in Week 16. Portland only has one game before Friday.
  • The best early-week streamers will come from the Warriors, Lakers, Suns, and Kings. Those are the only four teams that play three games from Monday to Thursday.
  • There are no back-to-back sets starting on Saturday, so don’t be saving too many moves for the end of the week. It is completely reasonable to use up all of your moves early in the week if that is the best way to maximize your games played. I have won plenty of playoff matchups where I have used all of my moves by Thursday or Friday.
  • You will want to add the role players on the Pacers and the Heat on Monday night. From Tuesday to Monday of Week 17, each team plays five times.


Week 17 Analysis

You can view Week 17’s full schedule here.

  • This is a two-game week for Toronto. The Raptors play on Wednesday and then are off until Saturday. Normally, I would tell you that all of the Raptors are droppable after Wednesday, but due to the team’s five-game Week 18 schedule, I would try to hold onto everyone but the role players. If you drop one of their big guns, you will likely end up facing an early-round weapon in the finals.
  • After their second game of the week on Wednesday, the Kings are off until Sunday. That makes all of the Kings drop candidates after Wednesday. Any member of the Kings who isn’t producing at least mid-round numbers should be dropped. The Jazz, Thunder, Clippers, Knicks, and Wolves also only have one game after Wednesday. I would hold onto your Thunder and Clippers because both teams play on Friday, but everyone except the top-end options on the other three teams can be swapped for a streamer if your matchup is tight.
  • Besides the Raptors, the Mavericks are the only team that doesn’t start their week until Wednesday. If you have a move left over on Sunday of Week 16, consider dropping their role players for a streamer.
  • Your best early-week streamers will come from the Bulls, Pistons, Spurs, Suns, and Sixers. All five teams play three games in four nights to start the week. No team has games on both Monday and Tuesday.
  • Look to the Hornets, Celtics, and Bucks for a late-week season-saver. Those three teams play three times from Thursday to Sunday.
  • Check your Wednesday night schedule before making any moves. There are 12 games on the docket that night.


Week 18 Analysis

You can view Week 18’s full schedule here.

  • Find a way to get as many Raptors, Thunder, and Mavericks on your team. With five games on the schedule, even their borderline players are going to be extremely valuable. My condolences to those who have to face off against the studs on those three teams. 
  • Twenty-five teams play at least four games this week, so those unlucky enough to own a bunch of players from the three-game teams are going to be at a significant disadvantage. I wouldn’t be selling my three-game players low in trades, but I would be looking for ways to tweak my roster to make it more viable in the finals. 
  • The three five-game teams and the Mavericks start their week with a back-to-back set. If you have a move left over on Sunday of Week 17, target those four teams’ role players. 
  • Those four teams all play three games in four nights to start the week, and so do the Pelicans, Wolves, and Nuggets. 
  • The Mavericks, Bucks, Nets, Rockets, Thunder, and the Raptors all end the week with a three-games-in-four-nights stretch. 
  • There are double-digit games being played on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday of Week 18, so you need to check to see if your team is overloaded on any of those days before making any moves that you think will upgrade your playoff schedule.


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