20/21 First/Second-Round Pairings: Part 2 (What To Do At The End Of The First)

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Jayson Tatum (Pick 8-12)

Punt Assists:

Jayson Tatum/Deandre Ayton

Above average in Rebounds, Blocks, FG%, Turnovers

Average in FT%

Below average in Points, Threes, Steals

  • The casuals in your league will laugh at this pairing, and then they will cry when it destroys them in the playoffs. Both players are headed towards breakout campaigns, and while they don’t have the name-value of most of the players available at the end of the first, they are just as good, if not better fantasy assets. Both Tatum and Ayton were first-round punt assists players before Rudy Gobert shut down the league. Pairing the two young studs is a relatively safe strategy as both are on teams that will likely be in the playoffs but won’t be good enough to rest their big guns. It’s also a very effective per-game pairing. You will come out of round two near the top of the standings in rebounds, blocks, FG%, and turnovers. This is an outstanding start in all four categories. This combination also makes it likely that you will be winning FT% consistently. Tatum should be one of the best sources of FT% impact this year, and Ayton should be above average for a big. How this duo does in points comes down to how much each player breaks out. If both players only make a minor jump, then this will be a below-average start in points. If one or both takes a major jump, then you’ll be fine in the category. Just to be safe, make points a priority in the middle rounds. Threes are this pairing’s weakest category, but you shouldn’t have any problem making up the minor deficit. Triples can be found throughout the draft and are the easiest category to find on the wire.

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