16-Team Leagues James Harden Harden/Siakam (Punt FG% or Punt Blocks) – Rebounds low but dominant in points, threes, steals, and FT%. Harden/VanVleet (Punt FG%) – Bad rebounds and blocks start but dominant in all the guard categories. Harden/Vucevic (Punt FG% or Punt Blocks) – Above average everywhere but assists and turnovers where the pair is average. Harden/Nurkic (Punt FG%) – Nurkic doesn’t lose too much value in punt FG%, average or strong start everywhere but turnovers.   Anthony Davis Davis/Vucevic  (Punt Assists, Punt Threes, or Punt Points) – Elite start in rebounds, blocks, FT%, and turnovers. Good steals start for a big/big group. FG% not great for a big/big start. Davis/Nurkic (Punt Assists, Punt Threes, or Punt Points) – A […]
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